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Daniel A. Stafford8/6/2006 1:07:08 AM
8/14/2022 8:21:57 PM

Prayers in Places Of Power...

Three hundred years of concerted human effort,
Basket by basket they toiled,
A monument of a culture that epitomizes mystery,
Unknown to the modern world except in the hills they created,
One hundred feet high with sixty smaller companions,
Defined as a treasure to the human race by the UN,
A phenomenon of North America yet to be understood.

I climbed its steps in the company of my wife,
Smoking the tobacco they reserved for sacred prayers,
I prayed for a healed Earth,
I prayed for a healed Mankind,
A tear-down of the walls between us,
A forgetting of red white brown black yellow,
Remembrance only of the common color of Humanity.

The Moon rose to the Southeast,
The Sun was falling rosy in the West,
A Thunderbird formed in the clouds with a Coyote on its back,
The wind whispered good wishes,
Last but most significant,
Every soul I saw at the Cahokia Mounds was congenial,
Oblivious to the artificial walls that need to fall,
Uttering only good wishes.

As the last smoke floated off into the distance,
Adrift with a prayer on its back,
I put out the cherry ember completely,
Scattered the last of the tobacco on the wind,
Knowing that some prayers are worth a positive answer.


By: Daniel A. Stafford
(C) 08/06/2004

By: Daniel A. Stafford

Author's Comments

The truth of today.

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AuthorDate Entered/ModifiedViews
Daniel A. Stafford8/6/2006 1:07:08 AM
8/14/2022 8:21:57 PM
Daniel A. Staffordaqmstaffo@mailbag.comwww.whizzyrds.com

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