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Previous Month's Winners

February 2005 Winner 

bullet For the Few That Know Me - Sharon Wilshire
bullet Slideshow - slideshow

An Autumn Morning  - fanghuzhai

bullet Forgiveness - Christina J. Smith
bullet For You (A love poem) - Lily Larkdale
bullet All Awaits My Valentine - Hope

January  2005 Winner 


Magnet - Mariposa


In Memory of Ruth - Cassandra Lane

bulletVicissitude - Lily Larkdale
bulletMy 'Ditto' Man - Blanche E. Gaouette



December  2004 Winner 


IRS is Coming to Town - ART PAUL SCHLOSSER


My Time For Remembering  - Hope


A Simple Love - Christina J. Smith


A Soft White Miracle... - Daniel A. Stafford


Outside the Inside - Sharon Wilshire


November  2004 Winner 


When the Outer Beauty Fades - Ann Kingrey


The Soul of the Sea - Sharon Wilshire


Heart of Serenity - Christina J. Smith


I Can Just Write About Nothing - Hope


Have Yourself A Dairy Little Christmas - ART PAUL SCHLOSSER


Thank You - Daniel A. Stafford


Oct 2004 Winner 


Over 6807 Poems and 358 Authors listed!

Oct 2002 Winner 

1253 - Poems viewed/modified/added

bulletCompass - david m. bailey
bulletChildhood Memories - Faith Berlin
bulletFallish Emotions - Sharon Wilshire
bulletSeasons - Dan Pettit
bulletThis Poem Is Considered For All People I Consider A Friend!  - Jennie Sommers


Over 6643 Poems and 345 Authors listed!

Sept 2002 Winner 

814- Poems viewed/modified/added

bulletMY LORD AND I - flying_roses
bulletEarth Moon - Timeflyer
bulletMoon's Apprentice - Susan Osborn
bulletThe Slumber Of Saints - Daniel A. Stafford
bulletLiving With Fear - Janey K. VanHorn
bulletSunset (Cinquain) - Andrea Da Costa


Over 6548 Poems and 339 Authors listed!

August 2002 Winner 

692  - Poems viewed/modified/added

bulletThats true love - Heather Low
bulletSee - Isla
bulletPalm Shadows - Daniel A. Stafford
bulletHeart To Heart Equally - Hope
bulletThe Poet's Pen - Andrea Da Costa
bulletOur Mystic Moon - Ann Kingrey


Over 6605 Poems and 335 Authors listed!

July 2002 Winner 

804 - Poems viewed/modified/added

bulletMidnight in the Garden - Nicole S. Porter
bulletThe Inner light - Dan Pettit
bulletTHE SEARCH - Anthony Moses
bulletPoetry - Sharon Wilshire
bulletRiver Haiku - ART PAUL SCHLOSSER


Over 6,528 Poems and 329 Authors listed!

June 2002 Winner 

605 - Poems viewed/modified/added

bulletFreedom to Believe - Christina J. Smith
bulletIndelibly Inscribed - Hope
bulletI look into your eyes - Heather Low
bulletThe Essence Of Love - Herb Dunn
bulletLove Letters - Dan Pettit

May  2002 Winner Over 6,528 Poems and 329 Authors listed!

384 - Poems viewed/modified/added

bulletWindsong - Pat Lutwyche
bulletAngels Within Us - Janine Daniel
bulletBeing Blissfully Aware - Hope
bulletThe Subliminal Room - Sharon Wilshire


April 2002 Winner - Over 6,285 Poems and 327 Authors

649 - Poems viewed/modified/added

bulletWhat I'd Like to Be - Sharon Wilshire
bulletMy Pen, My Instrument - Janine Daniel
bulletA Silent Sigh - Daniel A. Stafford
bulletThe Jokes On Me - Hope
bulletWindsong - Pat Lutwyche


March 2002 Winner Over 6,186 Poems and 324 Authors listed!

1305 - Poems viewed/modified/added

bulletEvery Time - Khalid
bulletOur Souls Entwine - Nik Gauci
bulletThe most beautiful thing - Heather Low
bulletSong, Love, Easter's Sky - Daniel A. Stafford
bulletIndahnya Hatimu - Nicole

Check here for previous months winners!


Feb  2002 Winner - 5,965 Poems and 320 Authors listed

From 1064 poems submitted or viewed.

bulletAnnunciation - Rosario Castellanos
bulletMy Heart Still Longs - Hope
bulletDream Lover of Mine - Christianne Charles
bulletChrysalis - Dan Pettit

Check here for previous months winners!


Jan 2002 Winner 

From 1367 poems submitted or viewed.

bulletSong Of The Rainbow - Debbie Hunt
bulletAngelically Human - Sharon Wilshire
bullethaiku 'untitled' - kelly evans
bulletPoet's Life - Nik Gauci
bulletthe Potter - mary jane grueso
bulletA Moment In Time - bdgrey


December  2001 Winner - 5835 Poems and 311 Authors listed!

From 775 poems submitted or viewed.


Remember As Always - Hope


Christmas Wishing - Ann Kingrey


Together We Go - Jonathan Wikkins


Angel of The Rainbow - Mariposa


November  2001 Winner 

From 1160 poems submitted or viewed.

bulletDawn is near - Bob D'Antoni
bulletSail Upon A Soft Glow - Daniel A. Stafford
bulletLinks of Ink - Sharon Wilshire
bulletLittle Angels Grow So Fast - Herb Dunn
bulletDreams Do Come True - S. Leigh Marin
bulletLove - Blanche E. Gaouette
bulletDream Come True - Theresa Dawn Benoit


From 1090 poems submitted or viewed.

bulletYOUR LIGHT SHINING ON ME - flying_roses
bulletFriendship - Ann Kingrey
bulletWe Romantics Can Fly - Hope
bulletMoonlight - S. Leigh Marin

From 803 poems submitted or viewed and commented on.

bulletTrying For Quiet- Daniel A. Stafford
bulletAs I stand before the King - Sharon Wilshire & John Light
bulletCompletely Dawn - Kelly Evans
bulletLiquid Mirror - Lucinda Troth

There were many others, including the ones on and after Sept 11th, but I felt including these would help us heal.

From 963 Poems submitted or updated. The following stand out among the rest, and are featured here.

bulletA Lonely Star - Lucinda Troth
bulletLove - Sharon Wilshire
bulletFull Moon Night - Ann Kingrey
bulletIn Dreams We Meet - Hope
bulletCrafting Souls - Daniel A. Stafford
bulletBrushed Against My Soul - Janine Daniel


From 1331 Poems submitted or updated. The following stand out among the rest, and are featured here.

bulletLoving You - Ann Kingrey
bulletMoonlight Loving - Janine Daniel
bulletDreaming... - Sharon Wilshire
bulletFriendship -ART PAUL SCHLOSSER
bulletManflower Moonscape - Robin Good
bulletCome Away With Me - Andrea D
bulletEndless Love - Sam Martin


From 235 Poems submitted or updated. All were wonderful. Here are the ones i thought were best!

bulletI'm Here - My Love  - Ann Kingrey
bulletI Love You, Princess - Herb Dunn
bulletI Love This Time - Sharon Wilshire
bulletPossibilities of Love - Ed Kleinschmidt


From 115 Poems submitted or updated.

bulletThe Writer - by Sharon Wilshire
bulletMy True Friend - by Ann Kingrey
bulletLet The Fire Fall - (includes photo) - by Herb Dunn
bulletI Wish For You - by Kristin


From 154 Poems submitted or updated.

bulletMidnight Field Of Snow- by Herb Dunn
bulletUnbelievable in Love - by Robin Good
bulletOur Private Place - Sharon Wilshire
bulletWhere Forever Begins - by Hope

March 2001 Winners!

From 167 Poems submitted or updated.


Prophetic Sounds Of Whispers - by Janine Daniel


Turning Raptures Key - by Hope


KIDS - by


Writing A Poem Not About The Monthly Topic Can Be Fun ! - by ART PAUL SCHLOSSER


My little piece of heart - by flying_roses

February 2001 Winners!

From 321 Poems submitted or updated.


God's Pure Love - by Sharon Wilshire


Always, My Love - by Mia Jennings


Lamplight - by Daniel A. Stafford


Won't You Be My Valentine? - by Janine Daniel


So I Thank The Lord For Her - by ART PAUL SCHLOSSER

January with 217 Entries


I'm So Hot! - Janine Daniel


Birds of Paradise - Christina Rossetti

bulletThings I Love - Sharon Wilshire
bulletBeyond Words - S. Leigh Marin
bulletuntitled - Robin Good

November and December Winners were combined from the 414 entries entered during those two months:


Together Attuned - by Hope


Moon Glow - by S. Leigh Marin


Morning moon - by Sharron Tyrrell


Streaming Stars - by Daniel A. Stafford

October 2000 - From 236 Entries

bulletSoul Mate - By Flying Rose
bulletMy Every Thing - By Cheri Roberts
bulletThose Eyes.... - By Christina J. Smith
bulletPoet's Last Poem - By Daniel A. Stafford
bulletForever Heart's Can Be - By Hope

September 2000 - From 172 Entries


In Sending Ones Heart - Hope

bulletHoly Innocents - Christina Rossetti
bulletUnion of Souls - DeAnne Hilton aka Maven
bulletA Poet is Born - Pranit Bhasin
bulletDo You Know Me - Moon Shines, Stars Blink

August 2000


Love is like a river - Joan Foesenek 


Posy Petals - Elizabeth Santos


All of Me - Debra Hiemstra




The Poet Dreamt Of Heaven - anonymous

July 2000

bulletPeanut Butter Kisses - By Constance
bulletPromise - By Emerald
bulletEternal Lamp Of Night - by Daniel A. Stafford
bulletHappy Butterfly - Sue Allie
bulletHeaven's Promise - By Donna
bulletButterfly - By Anubss
bullet*Heartfelt Dreams And Butterfly Kisses* - by Janine Daniel

June 2000

bulletThe Ocean - by Constance
bulletMy Legacy - by Daniel A. Stafford
bulletSilent Eyes - by Donna
bulletMemories of You - by Christina J. Smith

May 2000

bulletGood Friends: by Kathleen Taylor
bulletPathway to Peace: by Mia Jennings
Awards by Spinny's Creation ( )





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